Introducing Apartment Stories - A New Era for Apartment Marketing

We live in a world where there is no shortage of content. One could even argue we live in a world with information overload. And when you pair that with shortened attention spans, users end up spending less time on traditional websites and more time on sites that offer bite-sized content that is easy to consume. 

This is creating real challenges for traditional website operators.  

And the multifamily industry is no exception.  

We see that 50-75% of apartment shoppers never engage with a website’s critical content, like amenities, photos, and videos. The majority of visitors browse floorplans and leave.

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It’s not that users are not interested in viewing the other pages. It’s just that there isn’t enough time (remember the short attention span) for a visitor to engage with all the different pages of content — the type of content that was intended to give a virtual sales pitch.

Let me elaborate...

When a prospect walks into a leasing office, an onsite salesperson has the perfect opportunity to give a personal sales pitch intended to sell the unique characteristics of the community to get the prospect interested and wanting to learn more. In other words, the salesperson can make a great first impression.

Your apartment’s website should do the same thing. The challenge is most websites were not designed to quickly capture a user’s attention — they were designed to help users research.

What if there was a way to do both — quickly capture a user’s attention and then keep them engaged?


Web Stories — A Visual Narrative

As you know, stories have become popular and can be seen across social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

A Web Story is a similar concept which shares interactive content blended with video, photos, and messaging in a digestible form.

Big names like Ford and Forbes use this new medium to engage customers and take their brands to the next level. It is being used and utilized for social, marketing, blogging, and communication purposes.

From promoting a new car to touring a multi-million dollar home, it’s all the rage.




Introducing Apartment Stories  

The first web story designed for the multifamily industry.  

We have developed Apartment Stories to deliver that virtual sales pitch on a website. It is designed to engage apartment hunters with all the features that sell the lifestyle of a community, using bite-sized content and media in a full-screen experience.

And when the virtual sales pitch has done its job, the user is one click away from browsing floorplans, scheduling a tour, asking a question, or calling the community.  

All designed to guide the customer to the next logical step in the customer journey.




How to Use Apartment Stories in Your Multifamily Marketing

Web Stories work great by themselves or embedded in your other marketing channels. They are not designed to replace any of your current marketing strategies, just enhance them.

Here are some of the ways Apartment Stories can increase your ROI.

Online Marketing

Use your Apartment Stories in your online marketing, embed them on your website, or include them in emails, text messages, and social marketing.  

And because of the high conversion rates, Apartment Stories can also make excellent landing pages for your PPC campaigns.

Offline Marketing

Link your QR codes directly to your Apartment Stories. Since Apartment Stories are designed primarily for mobile users, they make excellent landing pages for QR codes. Include QR codes in your printed collateral, signage, or outside the leasing office for visitors who stop by after closing time.


Wrapping It Up...

Marketing strategies will continue to evolve, but we shouldn’t ignore how user engagement is evolving as well.  

We see that 50-75% of users never engage with photos or amenities. Not because they aren’t interested in photos or amenities, but because websites aren’t designed to easily guide them through all the critical website pages designed to “sell” an apartment community.

Apartment Stories have been designed to do one thing — help your teams deliver that virtual sales pitch. And get a qualified lead at the same time. Okay… that’s two things.


If you’re interested in learning more about Apartment Stories or how users are engaging with your website content, contact today.

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