How To Inspect Your Portfolio Search Page

A bad search experience can do more harm than good. In this post we are going to review the characteristics that allow a portfolio search page to increase customer engagement, which ultimately will help your customers find a home.

What a Portfolio Search Page Is Not Designed For:

SEO - Do not expect a portfolio search page to rank in Google. And if it is ranking in Google, then it is most likely having a negative impact on your regional SEO Pages.

PPC - Do not use a Portfolio Search page for PPC Landing Pages. If you are investing in regional PPC campaigns, then spend the extra money to drive traffic to awesome landing pages that actually convert.

A Successful Portfolio Search Page Will:

1. Engage Users

When your users are engaged, it means they are spending time on your site. If they are not engaged, they are most likey frustrated and will “bounce” off your site.

When user engagement is high - users spend more time on your website. Google sees this “dwell time” as an indicator of quality content, thus helping your SEO.

2. Answer Their Question

A search always starts with a question. It’s up to the search page to answer it.

"Show my all STUDIO apartments around $2,000 available in next 7 DAYS".


3. Wow Your Users

For a lot of websites, the search page can be the first experience with your website. If your search is giving a poor user experience, then the rest of your website will need to work overtime to make up for it … assuming your users stay on your website.

4. Smooth The Way For Social Shopping

Make it simple for prospects (and leasing consultants) to share their search results with others. This can be as simple as clicking a SHARE icon and emailing or texting someone a link to a search page.

5. Prequalify

Help qualify prospects by allowing them to filter apartments by price and availability.

Not only will this provide a powerful user experience your prospects will love, but it will reduce unqualified leads to your sales teams.


Now it's Your Turn

Download our Apartment Search Capability Checklist and use it to audit your apartment portfolio search page.

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