Introducing Our New Regional Landing Page Layout

In late 2019 we rolled out a feature called 3-Tiered Pricing. It was a way for prospects to view the high/medium/low unit pricing by bedroom type. Well, it's been 8 months and we learned a few things when designing our new Regional Landing Page.



What did we learn from our previous design?

We learned that users engaged with the apartments at the top of the page vs the bottom and when users clicked on the bedroom type (to view the different unit pricing) they were less likely to visit the apartments website.

Note: When we use the word "engage" we are referring to clicking on the "Visit Website" CTA.


Our main conversion goal was to send a user to the apartment's website. And the data showed that, on an average, a single user session was likely to visit 1.7 apartments per session.

We wanted to get that number as high as possible.

Opportunities for Improving the Conversion Rate

Many years ago, I heard the term "Feature Bloat".

Feature bloat is when too many features are packed into a design, resulting in a product that is 'bloated' or stuffed options.

Did we bloat the user experience with too many pricing options?

Or did we have the right number of options, but lacked the marketing content to support these options?

After reviewing our website analytics, I think it was a combination of both.

Our Optimization List

When designing our new layout we had the following goals:

1) Display as many apartment cards as possible above the fold.

For this we needed to make the card smaller, which meant we needed to remove some content.

2) Give the user enough information to want to learn more.

When removing content we decided to keep the critical content - enough to give them the right amount of information to want to learn more.

3) Have a single CTA.

Before, we had a BUTTON called, "visit website". We had a MAP ICON that opened the community on the map. And we had a PHONE ICON that called the community.

The PHONE ICON was clicked less than 1% of the time. Bye bye phone icon.

The MAP ICON was used a little more, but it was replaced when the user hovered over the card.

And the "Visit Website" BUTTON was replaced with the entire CARD being clickable. So, when a user hovered over the card, a "Check Availability" message was displayed over the card.

4) For markets with 3 or fewer communities, fill up the white space on the page.

Now that the card is smaller, we wanted to make sure the page did not look bare when there were 3 or fewer communities. For that, we have a horizontal card layout.



The Future

This new layout is Phase 1 of our new Regional Landing Page. Stay tuned to learn more about what's to come.

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