Personalized Videos for the Multifamily Industry

Video is a great way to show your customers about your community, rather than tell them about it.

But there are some challenges with today's video strategies, such as, where to embed the video on your website for optimal views? How long should the video be? What content should be included in the video? Or, how to know if a video "view" actually generated a lead?

One way to overcome these challenges is to incorporate personalization into your video marketing.


Why personalization works

One goal of personalization is to get customers consuming as much of your content as possible. When you are marketing “default” content to everyone, it’s not inviting -- it's generic and users can spot that. It’s the main reason people skim a website. And when users skim, they are not consuming your content, which means your marketing is not as effective as originally planned.

However, when you personalize your content for the end user, they start to see content that's relevant to them, which means they become more likely to continue consuming vs skimming.

Video is no different. Although you could say it's more challenging than website personalization, because there is not an easy way to skim a video.


Where can your customers experience personalized video?

Before we talk about what a personalized video is, we need to identify how your customers will consume the video.

Email and SMS - Imagine the “auto-responder” replaced with a personalized video. Sending a personalized video follow up message to replace the auto-responder is a great opportunity to keep your customers engaged after they leave your site.

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Repeat Website Visit - Imagine if a prospect returning to your site is shown a personal welcome back video, rather than content they have already seen. If they have not scheduled an appointment, this is your opportunity to persuade them to schedule an appointment.


Personalized video is not just for marketing.

New Resident Onboarding - Imagine sending a custom welcome video to all new residents, showing them how to setup "their" resident portal.


What Is A Personalized Apartment Marketing Video?

Designing a personalized video is a lot like creating a website. There are many different creative paths one could follow. At the end of the day, there is no right answer. There are only better answers.

When designing a personalized video, let the physical sales experience be your inspiration.

Part 1: The Introduction

You want to get the viewers attention as soon as possible so they watch the entire video. The best way to do this is by adding their name to the marketing message. When they see their name, they are more likely to watch the entire video because they know it was created just for them.



Part 2: Unique Selling Props

Based on what you know about the prospect (i.e. their persona), this is where you should embed callouts (text, photos, video) relevant to the persona. You probably have a dozen different selling tactics for a targeted audience, but if you only had time to promote 1 or 2 of them, what would they be?



Part 3: Neighborhood Features

If you have a complete prospect persona, then you should be able to find 2-4 local businesses or area attractions relevant to the persona. This is where you can include and promote those businesses and attractions in the video. Location, location, location.



Part 4: The Closing

This where you recap some of the floor plans in which the prospect expressed an interest. If you have a video tour, include the unabridged version. At a bare minimum, include images of the floor plan layout. But most importantly, include "today's" pricing to help promote a sense of urgency.



How Does Personalized Video Production Work?

There are 4 components to directing a memorable video experience:

  1. Build the persona. This is where you learn as much as you can about the prospect. How many bedrooms they need, when do they want to move in, what are their MUST HAVE amenities.
  2. Collect The Content. This is where you match a persona to the content in your system/s. We like to refer to this as Experience Management.
  3. Create the experience. This is the fun part. This is where you build a video template, scene by scene. For each scene, you will decide what content to include and how you want to present it. You can add custom HTML, video, image, and audio. You can include images of the floorplans they looked at (in #1 above) and current pricing from your revenue management system.
  4. Deliver the experience. Email or SMS is your best opportunity. These are the channels that need the most help today. If you don’t believe me, go look at your auto-responder email.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to personalized video. If personalized video marketing is something you find interesting, I encourage you to research some of the personalized video platforms out there (see below).

When you are ready for a solution designed 100% for the multifamily industry, be sure to contact Lineups.

Here are some companies offering personalized video marketing:

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